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Tiling and displaying geotiff in WW

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  • Tiling and displaying geotiff in WW


    I am generating side scan sonar imagery for sea floor mapping. The sonar produces huge geotiff files that I use to import and display in ArcView GIS. The amount of data becomes too big for ArcView and it can't display fluently the whole mosaic.

    I would like to Tile these huge geotiff and load it in WW.

    I found on this forum the following procedure that seems to exactly do what I want:

    The link to download de Dstile executable doesn't longer exist ( ) and I cannot find another valid link on google!? Is there an alternative address where I can have it?

    The post look old now so I wonder if it's still the proper procedure to do so or if there is another way to do it? Maybe new tools or methods exist now?

    Many thanks for helping!


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    Tiling and displaying geotiff in WW


    I want to tile and display hudge geotiff files in WW.

    I found the following procedure that seems to do extacly what I want:

    Unfortunately the link to download the Dstile executable is dead.
    I cannot manage to DL it from another location!?

    Maybe this method is not suitable anymore and there are other tools or methods to do the same thing?

    Many thanks for helping,



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      See here:

      Note especially the data-installation examples mentioned.

      Let us know if you run into problems.


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        Hi Guys,

        Dstile produces WorldWind .NET tiles and supports all formats GDAL supports. I have not updated it in a while but I just checked and the link is still active ( I pay for the server, better check it into Google code and upgrade the tiling code).

        [Corrected "link"]

        The original Dstile source was from Nowak I simply patched it. Please let me know if your data does not tile properly with WorldWind Java code, I will help you make Dstile work.

        Since the links works for me and not you, you must be behind a proxy which only lets you out on port 80/443 - try here.


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          Hi what_nick

          When you get tinkering with dstile again you might add the option for
          WWJ, that is without the leading "00"s.

          I made an app that removes them, very fast, and I think garakal added that ability to the SDK.

          It would be nice if the "00"s were not there so the extra step is not needed.



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            I realize this is an old thread, but I did notice that currently (Oct 2013) that what_nick's link to what_nick's patched version of DSTILE is broken:

            However I was about to Google around for it and I found it in the myworldwind Google code Subversion repository at the link below.

            I hope this helps takes some of the pressure off you what_nick in keeping your Dynamic DNS server up. You are awesome for creating this cool tool by the way! Thanks!