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Thread: Can I code this plugin...??

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    Question Can I code this plugin...??

    I've to choose a GIS for my application.
    I saw World Wind and I'm very impressed.. but I've a doubt.
    For you, it is possible to code a plug-in with these features:
    1) Limitated map (I've to view only a sub-map of the earth) -- I think it is possible adding a new world, right??
    2) I've to wait a network-message from another application that specifies me a symbol to draw in the right position (lat, lon and/or bearing)
    3) Craete a right-click menu on a point of the map (different if in the point i've a symbol or not)
    4) if the user wants, I've to draw 2 or more symbols and the trajectory form the first to the last.
    5) ...

    For you it is possible to develop such a plug-in or I've to modify the source code, or I've to choose anther Gis??

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    You should be able to do all of that in World Wind. May find some of what you need to know at or ask you're more detailed questions on ths forum. Or try the #worldwind IRC channel. Link is on the URL I just gave.

    Earth is Square blog

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    The easiest way to figure that stuff out is to try a bunch of plugins from the link TomServo posted and when you find one that does something you need then look at the code to see how it was done.

    For plotting points look at the earthquake plugins and for drawing lines look at the measure tool plugin or the linefeature that is built into 1.4.

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    Thanks to all.
    If my chief decide to use this product I'll think about it deeper...
    Thanks again


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