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Thread: WMS Server path issue

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    Default WMS Server path issue

    Hello, I'm getting a message that "absolute path is required" when I click on a layer within the above map server. I'd appreciate any pointers. Thanks.

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    Default Lance Dyas

    I have similar problems with every WMS the most explicit error I seen said that it wasnt recieving any parameters... And these config files used to work just fine... not sure when it started happening I still have data in cache from way back that still work but all new requests return the WMS
    servers equivalent of huh?

    The config file for loading them looks like this

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <!-- created with TNT Web Map Browser -->
    <LayerSet Name="aussie" ShowOnlyOneLayer="false" ShowAtStartup="true" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="LayerSet. xsd">
    <QuadTileSet ShowAtStartup="true"><Name>Australia Base Map</Name>
    <WMSLayerName>Australia%20Base%20Map&amp ;TRANSPARENT=true</WMSLayerName>

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    I think that you don't need the ? there...

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    Default Lance Dyas

    For lack of checking for an existing question mark before
    extending it with various parameters the WW coding
    team broke many many existing add-ons around version 1.3.4

    Actually I also found that for some servers you are
    better off not encoding your spaces %20 does work in
    the example above ... but I'm betting may be doubly
    encoded to %2520 which err some web map servers
    wont cope with

    The <ServiceName>WMS</ServiceName> doesnt seem to hurt
    but I think might only be needed for some servers.

    TNTmap A tool which allows you to interactively create WMS based Addons


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