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    going to try and add my own image data ... and just need a sanity check before starting. the data i'm going to add-in is from a proprietary tile server. so i can't just add it to the XML configuration. nor do i want to create a server thunking layer. the tiles served come in multiple zoom levels (divisible by 2). so this looks like it fits with the current LevelZeroTileSizeDegrees and NumberLevels setup. i just need to do the degree conversion for the first level. i'm assuming L0TD does not have to start out at 2.25, or some value in that series (e.g. it could be 3.0)? it will also need a bit of UI for configuration. so this has me looking at the BMNG Add-in. looks like i can add to the RenderableObjectList and create my own QuadTileSet. then it looks like i can subclass ImageTileService to return the proprietary image url to retrieve a tile. might have to subclass ImageAccessor too, but haven't looked closely. i'll also have to reproject the tiles at some point.

    am i missing something? or is there some other way that i should be attempting this?

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    went ahead and started down this path. so far i've only had to subclass the ImageTileService. i've got tile images displaying, but they're currently in the wrong place and the wrong size, which should just be bugs on my part.


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    Correct, the Zoomit data is at 2.8125. That number will control at what altitude the data 'pops' on.

    The BMNG data is probably at a LZTD of 22.5.
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    If I understand it good, the Level0TileSize must exactly divide 180, so that there'll be integral number of tiles between 90S-90N and between 180W-180E.
    (But it'll also be interesting to try it differently - make a layer bounded by e.g. 15W,65E,23N,83N and L0TS=20deg, and try whether WW will handle it well.)

    Btw, L0 tiles of all sorts of BlueMarble have 36 degrees (and the DemisWorldMap even 45deg).

    If you use for L0TS some number of the 180,90,45,22.5... sequence, it will make your eventual/later 'step back' easier - if you decide that your layer should be visible sooner (from higher altitude).

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    Cool, i didn't know about Zoomit.

    i think all the BlueEarth layers come in at 36.
    the other installed image layers are 2.25, 2.0, or .8.

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