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Thread: .NET Framework has created an XP User Account

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    Since installing .NET and World Wind my PC start up now goes to a screen to select my User Acct, even though it's the only one shown!
    I tried using the Auto Logon feature of MS's TweakXP but it's not maintaining the AutoLogon settings. It'll start up into desktop the first time, I go check Tweak and auto-logon is turned off.
    Obviously the next restart goes to the "Select User Acct" screen again.

    Can I delete the .NET user acct without affecting World Wind ?

    Other than that I'm not sure what else I can do. Tweak reinstall made no change.


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    I really would not delete the account itself. When you install the .net framework, it creates a very limited account to run with for security purposes (it's not granted admin privileges) that stays pretty much hidden.

    As for the login problem, I have read that it's a bug and it has been solved with a recent service pack for .net framework 1.1 Run windows update and make sure you have all the latest updates.

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    I&#39; ve got the same problem. This is very disturbing <_< . I don&#39;t know how can I delete those accounts. Help us&#33;
    Sorry for my english...

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    The NET version was downloaded yesterday via Windows Update so is the latest vers.

    I went into Control Panel/User Accounts and deleted the account.
    WW still seems to work fine.

    I was told the .NET user account is only needed for Developers.

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    Had the same problem...

    Use MS Powertoys Tweak UI - Autologin

    In Windows you must have your user password set (not BLANK) - then write it in that Autologin section in TweakUI....

    if you don't use password it's not working...

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