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Thread: Any interest in using ncWMS code in iGlobe?

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    Default Any interest in using ncWMS code in iGlobe?

    Hi all,

    I've just discovered the iGlobe project (thanks Patrick!) and am very interested and excited by the possibilities of viewing nD NetCDF in WorldWind. I have a very strong interest in visualizing NetCDF data and am the lead designer/developer for ncWMS, an implementation of the OGC Web Map Service for NetCDF data (, if you'll forgive the plug).

    In ncWMS we've worked on issues such as rendering images from data in non-lat-lon projections, reading large NetCDF datasets efficiently and a few other things that may be relevant to iGlobe. I'm not sure what problems you're currently wrestling with, but maybe you're coming across some of the same issues, in which case I'd be happy to contribute code and/or expertise. At the same time, I'd love to learn more about iGlobe.

    (By the way, can I get a copy of iGlobe from somewhere? Sorry if I've missed an obvious link somewhere!)

    Best wishes,
    Jon Blower
    Reading e-Science Centre,
    University of Reading, UK

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    Default iGlobe SVN (look closely for the 'big picture')

    Jon, how about full access to an SVN of iGlobe?

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    And yes, we are looking at leveraging the ncWMS service in iGlobe.

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    Default ncWMS

    Hi Jon,

    sorry for the later reply, bit too much to do -
    naturally WW can already read what ncWMS produces, especially as it is standard for some time with thredds.
    I am responsible for the more generic additions to iGlobe to read netcdf data based on the unidata netcdf libraries. We have done this all before in 2D 10+ years ago, now we trying to ditch the legacy and use what is maintained elsewhere.
    some of the problems we have are around concurrency and speed to get data of the disk - so plain old IO ....
    If you have some suggestions in that area, please !
    I suspect the reason why i didn't endeavour to just use ncWMS a/ the additional overhead in turning things into wms layer first and our desire to have access to the data and data context (i.e. elevation/height). not to mention the fact that some netcdf data sources will be hard to interpret (i.e sigma/s v-coordinates). Happy to hear about your insides into this topic.

    Uwe Rosebrock

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