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Thread: Fire Event for zoom change -> cannot override BasicOrbitView.setModelCoordinates()

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    Default Fire Event for zoom change -> cannot override BasicOrbitView.setModelCoordinates()

    Hi there,

    I would like to be informed whenever the zoom (which seems to equal the elevation of the eyePosition for the most part) changes. However, there seems to be no Event which could be listened for.

    So I want to write a subclass of BasicOrbitView, which overrides the three methods that can change the zoom setEyePosition(), setModelCoordinates(), and setZoom(), so that they fire a PropertyChangeEvent which I can listen for. Example:

    public void setZoom(double zoom) {
     double oldZoom = this.zoom;
     firePropertyChange(someZoomString, oldZoom, this.zoom);
    Unfortunately, I cannot do the same for the method
    setModelCoordinates(OrbitViewInputSuppor t.OrbitViewState modelCoords)
    because OrbitViewState is a protected nested class inside OrbitViewInputSupport which I cannot access from outside the WorldWind package.

    Is there any way to set OrbitViewState to public in WorldWind 1.3 or to handle this situation in another way?


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    Done. Should be in the public repository shortly.

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