Hi All -

My team is looking into the possibility of using WW in its development of a world war 2 game. The game is a global strategic simulation, so we feel ww would be a great fit. We intend on using D3D to assist in laying game units (ground forces, air units, ships, etc.) on top of the ww display.

So, we are currently looking to hire a ww experienced programmer to assist us. Preliminarily, we need to discuss this idea with a ww programmer to make sure it is a good fit. If so, we'll procede witha short-term contract to accomplish the work.

Please write me at dfite@ventera.com if you are qualified and interested. Since the player UI is written in WPF, and we are contemplating the use of Direct3d in laying game-specific objects, we would prefer someone with some level of experience in these languages as well. Also, if you have any game development experience, that's a plus too.

We anticipate this to be a 4-6 week engagement, and you are free to work off-hours (we realize that most people have a full time "day job"). However, please don't apply unless you have a significant number of hours (at least 20) per week that you are available to work on this project.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

Dan - Chain of Command Games