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Thread: Useful links

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    Default Great WMS!

    Work of John Graham and SDSU

    WMS data from and San Diego State University.

    Just point your World Wind WMSLayer Manager at:

    Earth updated ‘live’ (only a few hours old):

    And a bunch of other stuff!

    Compliments of John Graham,

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    Cool Very cool!

    Glad to see you WWJ folks adding things to this thread Patrick :P. At some point it will become the place to go for data sources.

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    Default Utah: Map Data

    They even talk about being WWJ friendly on their WMS server link...

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    Cool Global Mapper GIS data links

    This site has links for various GIS data sources. Some you have to pay for, some free:

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    Open Source WebGL Virtual Globe and Map Engine

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    Someone should promote this thread to a Sticky.

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    Cool Libre Map Project

    Cool to see this promoted to a sticky

    Here is another source for GIS data (1:24k Maps):

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    Cool Free GIS Data - Categorized List

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