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Thread: Freelance Developer Needed for Assorted Tasks

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    Default Freelance Developer Needed for Assorted Tasks

    With the help of two very talented developers here (Bjorn and ShockFire), I have developed a custom World Wind plug-in. It shows a simplified version of Earth using locally cached BMNG images.

    Bjorn and ShockFire are currently busy with other projects, so I need to find another freelance developer with World Wind experience to help fix a few details and cull data sets. You will be paid hourly. There are between 10 and 50 hours of work, depending on your skills.

    Version Details... I am currently using World Wind 1.4 (.NET version). This is a plug-in for my own private use; the code will not be publicly released.

    Example Features... The following are a few of the things you will be tasked with.

    1. Trim the city database to only display major cities
      We'd like to be able to trim the city database, perhaps by population. This would not be a real-time purge, but a one-time purge (and stored in cache).
    2. Only display country boundaries
      We need a way to either download select boundaries from the WW database, or trim the available cachepack boundaries. Our version of World Wind works 100% offline, so it is necessary to pre-load cities and boundaries. However the cachepack of boundaries I found includes all political boundaries, which is too much for our needs. All we need is country boundaries, and state boundaries for the United States of America.
    3. Eliminate border line/boundaries on water-front land
      Coastal areas should not have a border/boundary. How can we do this?

    etc. I have no programming skills at all, just feature requests

    Message or email me for more info - and use the subject line "to Nick - World Wind" or something similar. Please include your requested hourly pay rate and World Wind programming experience.

    This is a fun project, I promise If you are at all curious, just email for more info -

    Thank you,
    Nick Gray
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    This sounds like a fairly easy job for anyone with GIS skills, and most of the tools you would need are available from the forums, I'm sure you will get plenty of offers, mazop or pangloss would be good people to ask.

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